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The Zbigniew Seifert Foundation was established on 13th May 2010 on the initiative of Aneta Norek-Skrycka. Its founders were Prof. Janusz M. Stefański and Aneta Norek-Skrycka - co- founders of the 2009 Festival 'Zbigniew Seifert in Memoriam', held in the year of the 30th anniversary of Zbigniew Seifert's death. The originator of the 2009 Festival was the present Chair of the Board of the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation, Małgorzata Jantos, Ph.D. The Festival was organised by Association Pro Musica Mundi.


What we do:

The aim of the Foundation is to promote and popularise jazz music by co-operating with local and international institutions in Poland and abroad whose range of activity is similar to ours.


The Council of the Foundation:

Małgorzata Jantos, Ph.D.  - COB http://www.jantos.pl/

Małgorzata Seifert

Agnieszka Seifert-Beck

Prof. Janusz Stefański bio

Prof. Richie Beirach http://richiebeirach.com/

Tomasz Lach


The Board of the Foundation

Aneta Norek-Skrycka - President