Zbigniew Seifert International Jazz Violin Competition

Description:3rd edition of the competition will take place in the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice and Cracow.



Workshop for jazz violin players

Description: Jazz violin workshop


Seifert CompetitionConcerts 2017

Description: Four concerts organised by Zbigniew Seifert Foundation


Album of Atom String Quartet: SEIFERT




Zbigniew International Seifert Jazz Violin Competition

Description: Between 24 – 27 August 2016 in Lusławice and Kraków took place Zbigniew Seifert International Jazz Violin Competition.

Duration: August 24-27, 2016

MAN OF THE LIGHT Life and works of Zbigniew Seifert - book + CD

Description: The first and as yet the only release of compositions by the genius of the violin, Zbigniew Seifert.

Duration: From June 2016

Seifert Competition 2016 poster

Description: The competition was addressed at the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the Studio of Multimedia Design at the Department of Media Art, under the guidance of Katarzyna Stanny, D.F.A.

Duration: January 2016

Zbigniew Seifert - 70th birthday

Description:He was one of the most important Polish jazz musicians of our times. In 2016 he would be 70.

Duration: 7th of June 2016

Rafał Olbiński covers exhibition and book promotion: 50 covers for Jazz Forum's the 50th anniversary - promotion events

Description: The Zbigniew Seifert Foundation in collaboration with the editors of the Jazz Forum magazine has prepared a commemorative publication related to the golden jubilee of the magazine.

Duration: from March 2016

We’re playing for Janusz Stefański

Description:A charity concert for the legendary Polish drummer/percussion player, Janusz Stefański, will be performed on 11 May in the Capitol Theatre in Warsaw.

Duration: 11th of May 2016

Barcelona Fiddle Congress

Description: Seifert Competition Tour's concert during Barcelona Fiddle Congress

Duration: 4th of February 2016


Book: Rafał Olbiński works: 50 covers on 50 anniversary of the Jazz Forum Magazine

Description: A beautiful album by Rafal Olbiński for the golden anniversary of JAZZ FORUM’s magazine.

Duration: From December 2015

Concerts 2015

Description: In 2015 the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation organized few concerts to promote Seifert Competition 2014 and 2016

Duration: From July 2015

Workshops for jazz violinists and not only for them...

Description: The Zbigniew Seifert Foundation organized a workshop for jazz violinists and for musicians playing jazz and improvised music on string instruments.

Duration: July 27 - August 1, 2015

Rafał Olbiński works: 50 covers on 50 anniversary of the Jazz Forum Magazine

Description: The exhibition of Jazz Forum Magazine covers' is prepared by Zbigniew Seifert Foundation.

Duration: From April 2015

Digitalisation - stage 5 -

Description: In 2015 the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation continued the project of digitalisation of archival jazz materials.

Duration: From 2011

Poster of the Seifert Competition 2016

Description: In 2015 took place a contest for the best poster of the second edition of the Seifert Competition 2016.



Digitalisation - stage 4 -

Description:In 2014, the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation continued to add materials related to Polish jazz to its digital resources. This year, the database has been extended so as to include:

Duration: Since October 30, 2014

Rafal Olbinski Jazz on the Cover 2014

Description: In 2014 Zbigniew Seifert Foundation continues the exhibition entitled "Jazz on the Cover".

Duration: 2014

International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition

Description: From July 16th for four days (till July 19th) 2014 in Lusławice and Cracow took place the International Zbigniew Seifert’s Jazz Violin Competition. It was the first edition of this unique undertaking.

Duration: July 16 - 19, 2014, Lusławice, Cracow, Poland


Digitalisation of Jazz Archives:

Description: In 2013, the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation continued to add materials related to Polish jazz to its digital resources at

Duration: Od grudnia 2013 r.

Mirrors - Tribute to Zbigniew Seifert. Bałdych & Orzechowski Play Seifert

Description: The violinist Adam Bałdych and the pianist Piotr Orzechowski ‘Pianohooligan’ will pay their homage to Zbigniew Seifert, the legend of the jazz violin, with a concert entitled “Mirrors. Tribute to Zbigniew Seifert” held on 17th November at 6 pm in the European Krzysztof Penderecki Music Centre in Lusławice.

Duration: November 17, 2013

Rafal Olbinski ~ Jazz on the Cover - US Exhibition


Duration: From January 2013


Educational materials for teens

Description: In 2012, Zbigniew Seifert Foundation carried out the project entitled “Creating educational materials for young people concerning Polish-German history and relations in jazz from the 1950s in 20. century.”

Duration: April - December 2012

Digitalization of jazz archive materials

Description: In 2012 Zbigniew Seifert Foundation develops the Internet database of

Duration: July - December 2012

Jazz Forum Magazine's covers exhibition

Description: Zbigniew Seifert Foundation and Służew District Culture Centre organize an exhibition of Jazz Forum Magazine's covers. The exhibition will take place during a jazz concert series in Dreszer Park in Warsaw in July and August 2012.

Duration: 13th July - 31st August, 2012


International Jazz Fair Jazzahead! in Bremen

Description: The 6th Jazzahead! took place in 2011.

Duration: 28th April - 1st May 2011, Bremen

Zbigniew Seifert in Memoriam Berlin - The Polish Presidency

Description: A concert dedicated to the great Polish violinist, sax player and composer was held on 26th November 2011 at 8 PM in Berlin.

Duration: 26th November 2011, Berlin

Digitalization of "Jazz Forum" magazine 1965-1989


Duration: From the middle of November 2011


Zbigniew Seifert Street in Cracow

Description: Naming a street in Cracow after Zbigniew Seifert on the initiative of Małgorzata Jantos.

Duration: 2010, Cracow - Nowa Huta district




Biography: Zbigniew Seifert MAN OF THE LIGHT

Description: The publication of Seifert's biography titled "The Life and Work of Zbigniew Seifert MAN OF THE LIGHT".

Duration: Book promotion was held on 6th November 2009 in Cracow

Zbigniew Seifert in Memoriam
Festival in Cracow

Description: On 5th-7th November 2009, a festival dedicated to the memory of Zbigniew Seifert, the brilliant violinist, sax player and composer from Cracow, was held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his death.

Duration: 5th - 7th November 2009, Kraków, Wieliczka