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MAN OF THE LIGHT Life and works of Zbigniew Seifert - book + CD

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Author’s Preface

Zbigniew Seifert (born, Cracow 7th June 1946; died, Buffalo, USA, 15th February 1979 of cancer) was a jazz violinist of genius and founder of an original style. Fascinated with the music of John Coltrane, he made it his aim to “translate” into the language of the violin what he loved most in the saxophone music of his master. The very nature of his instrument, his classical-music education and (some suggest) his “Slav soul” all contributed to making Seifert’s achievements far broader than might be suggested by the sobriquet “the Coltrane of the jazz violin”. Several decades after his death, audiences still admire the virtuosity, emotional depth and intensity of his music. The astonishing emotional ardour of Seifert’s music, particularly in his final years, conveyed the immediacy of his lifetime passion and his struggle in the face of imminent death. In the race against time, he had to work with maximum efficiency to obtain optimal results, first go. He was robbed of time to see all his artistic dreams come true.


EXTRA! A rare recording - duo Zbigniew Seifert & Richie Beirach is attached to the book as a CD. This material from 1976 has never been released before!


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172 pages

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