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We’re playing for Janusz Stefański

Opublikowany: 2016-04-28 12:28:00

Czas trwania projektu: 11th of May 2016

A charity concert for the legendary Polish drummer/percussion player, Janusz Stefański, was performed on 11 May in the Capitol Theatre in Warsaw. The “concert for a friend” has brought together Tomasz Stańko and the RGG, Piotr Baron Quartet, Ewa Bem, Robert Majewski and Andrzej Jagodziński Trio, Marcin Wasilewski Trio, Sebastian Karpiel Bułecka with the Atom String Quartet, Adam Pierończyk and Krzysztof Knittel, Straszni Panowie Trzej, and Henryk Miśkiewicz and Adam Lewandowski, Stanisław Słowiński Quintet, and others.


JANUSZ MARIA STEFAŃSKI – a percussion player, composer, leader, teacher. Born on 14 June 1946 in Kraków, he is counted among Europe’s most eminent jazz percussionists. During the over 50 years of work as a percussionist, composer, and bandleader he has won international acclaim among musicians and music critics alike. Stefański made his debut with Zbigniew Seifert Band at the Jazz on the Odra Festival in Wrocław in 1966. He later worked with the leading Polish bands, notably Tomasz Stańko Quintet, Jazz Studio Orchestra of the Polish Radio conducted by Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Zbigniew Namysłowski Quartet, The Quartet (Tomasz Szukalski, Sławomir Kulpowicz, Paweł Jarzębski) with whom he played in the famous Village Vanguard in New York in 1980. Since 1973 he has also worked with a handful of bands in Germany and Austria, e.g. the Hans Koller Free Sound, Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart, and the Zbigniew Seifert Variouspheres. In 1981 he signed a contract with the Vienna Art Orchestra, with whom he performed at a European concert tour at the Jazz Jamboree (1981) and the Kraków All Souls’ Jazz Festival. The introduction of martial law in Poland surprised Janusz Stefański in Frankfurt-on-the-Main. Since then he has lived in Germany with his wife, artist painter, and two daughters.


In the last 35 years in Germany, he has played as part of the Polski Jazz Ensemble (Leszek Żądło, Vladislav Sendecki, Bronisław Suchanek), Wolfgang Lackerschmid – Mallet Connection, the Heinz Sauer Quartet, Manfred Bründel Basslap, and the Emil Mangelsdorf Quartett. He has also worked with musicians of the order of Wolfgang Dauner, Georg Gruntz, Karl Berger, Michael Herr, Joachim Kühn, Ken Werner, Joachim Kaufmann, Jan Jarczyk, Jasper van’t Hof, Bob Degen, Joerg Reiter, Carla Bley, Dave Friedman, Frank Tusa, Rick Rosie, Vitold Rek, Steve Swallow, Miroslav Vitous, Albert Mangelsdorff, Woody Shaw, Kenny Wheeler, Ack van Rooyen, Jack Walworth, Harry Beckett, Matthias Schubert, Adam Pierończyk, Christof Lauer, John Tchicai, Dave Liebman, Carlos Ward, Charlie Mariano, and Paul Heller. He has also participated in recording for the archives of the NDR Bigband.


In 2009–2010, Stefański toured Canada and the US with concerts as a member of the International Polish Jazz Group. For some years he has also led his band: Janusz M. Stefanski JazzArt.


Besides a number of recordings released for radio and TV broadcasters in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Canada, Janusz Stefański has released over 75 albums, performed at over 120 most important jazz festivals in Europe, India, and Canada, and composed scores for three films on German TV.


Besides purely artistic pursuits, the musician was also the initiator, organiser, and artistic director of the Closing Concerts at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2000 and the German-Polish Jazz Jamboree 2005 with participation of 30 jazz musicians from the two countries in the same city.


Janusz Maria Stefański is the winner of the Jazz Award 2003 from the Ministry of Science and Art in Wiesbaden. Since 1993 he has lectured in the class of percussion and theory of rhythm at the Faculty of Jazz of the School of Music at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, which appointed Stefański its Professor in February 2009.


In 2015 the artist was diagnosed with a malignant form of cancer.


The concert at the Capitol Theatre in Warsaw was held at 7:00 pm on 11 May (ul. Marszałkowska 115, entrance from ul. Przechodnia).


Tickets at PLN 79 



Atom String Quartet (Dawid Lubowicz - vn, Mateusz Smoczyński - vn, Michał Zaborski - vl, Krzysztof Lenczowski - vc) and Sebastian Karpiel Bułecka - vn

Atom String Quartet, Dorota Miśkiewicz - v, Marcin Wasilewski - p


Piotr Baron Quartet:

Piotr Baron - ts, Michał Tokaj - p, Maciej Adamczak - b, Łukasz Żyta - dr


Tomasz Stańko - tr i RGG: Łukasz Ojdana - p, Maciej Garbowski - b, Krzysztof Gradziuk - dr


Ewa Bem i Kwartet Andrzeja Jagodzińskiego (Andrzej Jagodziński - p, Robert Majewski - tp, Adam Cegielski - b, Czesław "Mały" Bartkowski - dr


Tomasz Stańko - tr, Adam Pierończyk - as, Krzysztof Knittel - electronics, Janusz Stefański - dr


Grzech Piotrowski - ts i RGG: Łukasz Ojdana - p, Maciej Garbowski - b, Krzysztof Gradziuk - dr


Małgorzata Markiewicz - v, Janusz Skowron - p


Straszni Panowie Trzej (Janusz Szrom - v, Andrzej Jagodziński - p, Andrzej Łukasik - b oraz goście Henryk Miśkiewicz-as, Adam Lewandowski - perc.)


Stanisław Słowiński Quintet oraz violin summit (Stanisław Słowiński, Mateusz Smoczyński, Bartosz Dworak and Krzysimir Dębski)

Stanisław Słowiński – vn, Zbyszek Szwajdych – tr, Katarzyna Pietrzko – p, Justyn Małodobry – b, Max Olszewski - dr


Bartosz Dworak - vn, Wojciech Konikiewicz - p, Piotr Rodowicz - b, Janusz Stefański  - dr


Marcin Wasilewski Trio; duo: Marcin Wasilewski and Henryk Miśkiewicz

Trio: Marcin Wasilewski - p, Sławomir Kurkiewicz - b, Michał Miśkiewicz - dr


Prime Experience: Jerzy Mączyński - as, Rafał Różalski – b, Dawid Opalinski – dr


Tomasz Tłuczkiewicz


 A day later, on 12 May, there was a concert at the Dzyga Jazz Club in Lviv (Ukraine).


JANUSZ AT JAZZRADIO.FM (available only in Polish)


Contributions to the musician’s treatment can also be donated to the account of Polska Fundacja Muzyczna:


03 1140 1977 0000 2634 0600 1009.


More details (in Polish): www.polskafundacjamuzyczna.blogspot.com