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Digitalisation of Jazz Archives: www.polishjazzarch.com

Opublikowany: 2014-01-27 12:51:00

Czas trwania projektu: Od grudnia 2013 r.


In 2013, the Zbigniew Seifert Foundation continued to add materials related to Polish jazz to its digital resources. This year, the database www.polishjazzarch.com has been extended so as to include:


-  Jazz Forum issues from the years 1990 - 2000

- programmes of concerts from the cycle “Era Jazzu” (“The Age of Jazz”)


Our database is Poland’s only large-scale online jazz archive!!!

Apart from the above listed materials, our database also contains: 

-  Jazz Forum issues in Polish – from the very beginnings of the magazine in 1965 to the year 2000, as well as English versions from 1967-92 and German versions from 1976-81;

- Jazz-on-the-Oder Festival programmes and posters;

- Jazz Jamboree Festival programmes;

- programmes and posters of the International Jazz Piano Festival in Kalisz;  

- three issues of Musicorama;

- numerous other valuable materials



Rafał Olbiński and Jan Byrczek about Jazz Forum and www.polishjazzarch.com:





Project co-financed with funds from NInA’s Programme “Archiwistyka Społeczna” (“Support for Non-State Archives”).







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